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I did a 10 session course with Charlotte. My aim was to improve the use of my voice when I give presentations, make podcasts etc. 

It really was worthwhile investment. Charlotte understood what I was trying to achieve (and not) and tailored what we did to meet my goals. Although I hired her because of her elocution teaching skills, I was especially impressed that she was also able to involve a wide range of other factors that go into making a presentation more effective. Although the programme is now complete, I'm sure I'll go back to her when I need help with special projects. 

On top of all this, Charlotte is a genuine pleasure to work with. I'm not an easy pupil, but she made the sessions fun and interesting. If speaking is important to your job - and that's most of us - I'd recommend investing in a programme of sessions with Charlotte.

Professor Brian Smith

Charlotte held a fantastic session on public speaking for our group of 15 – 18 year olds, giving them useful and practical ways to improve their public speaking skills and providing exercises to practice these. Both our staff and students were very impressed and some of our shyest students said it helped them greatly, especially as they were preparing for a large debate!

Varsity Education

'I reached out to Charlotte to help me with my great fear of public speaking around 4 years ago before starting university. Since this time Charlotte has not only helped me conquer this fear but has also taught me how to structure a speech which, in turn, has given me the confidence now to start my own brand and secure funds through pitching my idea to potential investors. Charlotte is an absolute delight to meet with. Her positivity and vibrant personality helps to boost morale and her nerve-calming exercises, such as breathing techniques and vocal warm-ups, have really helped me to prepare myself physically and mentally for any kind of public presentation. I also find that Charlotte's techniques can be applied to many other aspects of everyday life: the way in which I compose myself and hold conversation has improved through her advice and training. I am forever grateful to Charlotte for helping me progress towards my own personal goals.'


Dear Charlotte,

Just a short note to thank you for your help and coaching in preparation for my speech.

As I had no experience of public speaking I was extremely nervous about giving a speech to an audience of strangers and also reluctant to ask for professional help from an experienced elocutionist.

I am very pleased that I overcame my reluctance and asked for your help, you quickly put me at ease, teaching me relaxation techniques, breathing techniques with helpful training to improve my diction and speech presentation.

Your recommendations for editing my speech and advice on practising the making of the speech gave me the confidence to perform quite well on the day without suffering too much from the expected pre speech nervousness.

Thank you again, I am happy to recommend your teaching to other nervous public performers.

With best wishes,



I met Charlie 4 months ago when I needed help with my communication skills for my upcoming exams to be a GP. It is a simulated surgery with actors roleplaying as patients. I failed twice in this exam and on one of the courses I went to, the organiser told me that I should get rid of my accent ( I qualified overseas) to pass.

When I emailed Charlie I told her my needs and tailored our lessons in improving my accent and on how I should present myself myself during the exam. I appreciated the fact that she had done some research on her own on the exam that I'm taking. She may not know some answers to some medical questions, but would always have an answer on our next meeting after having asked her mum who is a nurse. She is excellent in how to says things ' the English way' which is the main thing I struggled with. I often told her that she would pass this exam even if she is not a doctor!

I think the most important thing I learnt from her is how to stay calm and confident no matter how nervous I truly am. We worked on my accent, tone of my voice and by listening actively to the person in front of me. She also gave me tips on how to present myself (what to wear, make-up, hairstyle)

I'm pleased to say that I passed my exam and a lot of it was most likely due to huge improvement on my communication skills. I would highly recommend Charlie if you need help in these.


'Charlotte's lessons are fun, informative, practical and tailored to individual needs. In a safe and supportive environment she encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something different. I have really enjoyed my time with Charlotte and I will continue to use the skills and techniques I have learnt in my professional and personal life.' - Geraldine

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